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Three online events organised to raise funds to support the COVID pandemic relief efforts in India.


18th - 27th August 2023
Celebrating Culture, Cuisine, and Community in Switzerland's Historic City of Baden
Come visit us! 


The Akshaya Patra Foundation Switzerland (TAPF) chapter in partnership with Chalet India Restaurant led by Sudhirji Chouhan from Horgen will participate in the Badenfahrt. We will be selling healthy, nutritious meals to the festival visitors. The revenue from the stall, after accounting for expenses, will contribute to The Akshaya Patra Foundation’s cause - to eliminate child hunger to keep poor children in school to help them get a chance at a better quality of life. TAPF's noble mission aligns seamlessly with the festival's ethos, reinforcing the idea of giving back to society and making a positive impact. Our food stall is at the intersection of Dammstrasse and Parkstrasse next to the Jewish Synagogue. The idea was to have an economical way to speak about the Akshayapatra Foundation to the Festival visitors. This area has a medium to high frequency of visitors during the ten days from 18th August to 27th August. They can get to know about our work from the information pamphlets at the stall and our website advertised on the large posters on both sides of our Food Stall. 


This event would not be possible if it were not for the large number of volunteers that have agreed to help us serve the food and drinks working in shifts of 3 hrs. At any time, there will be at least 3 volunteers available at the stall. This is indeed very generous of the volunteers. As a note of thanks, the volunteers will be receiving a signed copy of the popular book by the Akshaya Patra Foundation, “God’s Own Kitchen”. The book describes how CEOs and priests operate the kitchens of Akshayapatra, which are seen as divine places where food is prepared with love and devotion. The kitchens feed millions of children in schools every day. Akshaya Patra's success lies in its unique business model that combines the efficiency of a corporate organization with the compassion of a non-profit organization. The organization's focus on innovation, technology, and scalability has helped it to expand its operations and reach more children. Akshaya Patra's partnership with the government, corporate sponsors, and individual donors has helped it to sustain its operations and achieve its mission.


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Three online events organised to raise funds to support the COVID pandemic relief efforts in India.

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Participated in “UNTER STROM”- an exhibition showcasing the varied and exciting history of the Electrical industry in city of Baden. Under the motto “Culture & Culinary Art” we cooked and served fresh, hot, vegetarian Indian meals to guests. Renowned local artists presented an innovative dance performance created on the Akshaya Patra theme.

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Shankar Mahadevan Musical Evening was organized to support pandemic relief efforts in India.

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