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Making a difference is not a lengthy process anymore. The only ask is a noble thought, be part of the Beyond Meals program


Today, the world is networking and progressing speedily - thanks to digitalization. Yet the digital divide in developing countries like India became evident during the pandemic where millions of children had to discontinue schooling due to a lack of access to digital aids. This reversed the benefits of years’ worth of efforts toward learning and education.


Digital education is also crucial when preparing for competitive examinations. The Akshaya Patra Foundation started Beyond Meals – Digital Education to make digital education accessible to the underprivileged. This flagship initiative engages in the Government’s education system to bring out excellent learning outcomes while supporting an enjoyable schooling experience. The program also contributes to the Government of India’s s vision of ‘Digital India’ and supports the endeavors of low-income students in Government schools. Today, contributing to the needs of marginalized sections in India is as easy as browsing the internet on your phone. Now, anyone from around the world can donate to feed the needy beneficiaries of our initiatives through an organized and simple online process.


With the click of a button, you can make a contribution and positively impact the socio-economic conditions of the underprivileged,  and enable the building of a self-reliant India.


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